Fashion! Turn to the left, Fashion! Turn to the right

I love fashion.  It makes me feel artistically inspired, visually stimulated, and sometimes crazy with material desire.  On the other hand, I will be one of the first to admit that fashion can be totally ridiculous and outlandish (but so amazing, ahhh!).

One of the things that falls closer to the silly end of the spectrum is the industry’s tendency to create buzzwords to name trends, that tend to confuse the masses (or at least the non-beauty blog reader).  I start out using them as a joke, until I realize I am using them in a very serious way.  For assistance and inspiration, I’ve compiled a few here just for you.

So go on . . . peruse the trends/looks, come into the salon and ask for them by their buzznames, then we’ll all look and feel fabulous and kiss cheeks, and go out for cappuccinos, dahlings.


Definition:  bangs.

Seen on: almost everyone at some point.

Stylists use the word fringe because, well, I don’t really know.  Maybe “bangs” imply more of a blunt look, whereas with fringe, the imagery is endless.  This is a super way to make a major change without sacrificing all-over length.

fringe bardot

Bardot bangs = the best

fringe khan

Bat for Lashes Bangs


Definition:  Hair color that is graduated in tone.

Seen on:  Surfers, that one Victoria’s Secret model, Drew Barrymore, fashion bloggers everywhere, LC, cool girls on the street.

Inspired by the naturally bleached out ends of surfers, ombré hair hit the scene in a very fast and furious way and is only vaguely showing signs of dying down as a trend.  The original look is one of extreme contrast.

ombre caroline flack

British cutie Caroline Flack

bright ombre

Punker Ombre

The “lob”

Definition:  long bob haircut

As seen on:  Anna Karina, Karlie Kloss, Alexa Chung, Kate Moss, Nicole Richie

Perfect in-between cut for those who did a little too much damage to their ends with DIY ombré and want to start over.  Added bangs make it sixties cute.

lob kate moss

That’s one healthy-lookin’ lob

alobska chung

A-lob-ska Chung


Definition:  subtle ombré (hair color with a subtle graduation in tone)

Seen on:  Mila Kunis, Rachel Bilson, Zooey Deschanel, pretty much every actress with expensive hair.

Extreme ombré has evolved into a more subtle look.  Sombré only requires lightening a few levels, doesn’t involve as much processing (time, $, amount of hair) as ombré, and is great for brunettes.  I also love correcting stripey, overdone highlights to create a more natural look with this technique.  This is one of my favorite things to do in the salon (can you tell?).

sombre mila kunis

Superb Sombre

sombre elizabeth olsen

My favorite Olsen

Well, that’s about it for now.  Stay tuned for even more ridiculous fashion words for trends and looks that we love.


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