Tousle in Paris

After watching the very beautiful (warning:  also very long) movie Blue is the Warmest Color (La Vie d’Adèle in France), I was struck by the effortlessly cool style of the characters and once again, in awe of the style and beauty of French women in general.  While there always seems to be a current bestselling book and a million articles preaching the superiority of the French way of beauty, the authors often come across as elitist, condescending, and rife with stereotypes – after all, there are so many cultures of beauty around the world and I’m keen to borrow inspiration from all of them.  With that said, I can’t help but admit my obvious francophilia and admire some of the basic tenets of French style that I’ve observed from near and far:  the focus on skincare and prevention rather than heavy makeup and excessive adornment, an edited wardrobe of classic, high quality staples with just a few trendy pieces, and last, but not least, the hair – the non-fussy, perfectly tousled hair, which is an art in itself.

Check out the film (with fellow adults, probably not your parents), take a look at the French beauties below, feel inspired, and don’t worry one bit about letting that wind mess up your hair.


Adele from Blue is the Warmest Color. You can’t go wrong with a deep, side hair flip.

Behold the best strawberry blonde hair on "it girl" Josephine de la Baume.

Behold the best strawberry blonde hair on “it girl” Josephine de la Baume.


Cool girl and daughter of Jane Birkin, Lou Doillon.


Actress Roxane Mesquida looking mighty pretty.


A clean cut on Lea Seydoux, who plays Emma in Blue is the Warmest Color.


Clemence Poesy always has perfect bedhead.

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