Styles for Miles

Chances are if you have ever wasted way too much time in a drugstore browsing through things that you don’t need but convince yourself you do because you are boooored, you’ve encountered the very disappointing, yet quite entertaining American hair style magazine.  For some reason, these haphazardly put-together, tabloid-style magazines feature the hottest styles from 1987 no matter what the year.  Some might actually have photos of mainstream celebrities (from two years ago), but the photos are often from an angle that makes it difficult for your stylist to decipher what kind of cut or color you are requesting.


So chic.










Since language is so fluid and open to interpretation, the best way to communicate what you want to your stylist is through a nice, clear photo.  Thank goodness for the internet and smartphones.  If you are in the U.S., you are no longer stuck looking at the sad drugstore magazines and big, outdated books in the waiting room of a salon to find inspiration and a picture to show your stylist.  While we can’t even begin to cover all of the inspiration available on the internet, here are some sources that we’ve tapped into.

For those looking for a variety of hair inspiration, Pinterest is a great, widely used resource (especially for bridal hair and braided styles), with plenty of images accompanied by step-by-step tutorials to be found.

For creative, forward-thinking ideas, a fun way to kill some time somewhere other than Walgreens is’s beauty section, with features like “backstage confidential,” focusing on recent runway looks, and one of my favorites, “beauty icon,” which highlights a variety of beautiful and interesting women of the past with gorgeous photos.  Further, stylist Sam McKnight has created a really cool feature on his site called Get The Look that gives instructions on how to recreate his editorial and runway looks (not to be missed!).

If you still love print like I do, regular fashion magazines work, but the cream of the crop is truly the Japanese hair/style magazine, which you may have spotted in the room.  The Japanese hair books and magazines show cuts, colors, and styles of every kind for both men and women, many offering creative ideas that haven’t even hit the US quite yet, and from multiple angles so your stylist can truly understand what you are trying to achieve (they are so thorough in the tutorials that translation isn’t even really needed).  As a bonus, they often include street style pics from Tokyo, London, and Paris.  We purchased ours at Kinokuniya Bookstore in San Francisco (there are also many stores selling Japanese magazines in LA), but if you don’t have any California connections or a Japanese bookstore in your area, some of the tutorials do find their way onto pinterest.  Japanese clothing company, Uniqlo, also has a pretty cute, hairdo how-to section on their site.

Finally, if you’re a beauty addict, vegging out, and reeeally feeling into an internet spiral, check out the Korean show “Get it Beauty,” posted on youtube with English subtitles here.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you . . .

Happy style hunting!

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