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It’s that time, to honeymoon!

I was recently married to the love of my life. We are now able to plan and take the honeymoon we’ve been dreaming of. Unfortunetly, for you all, that means the room will be closed for a couple weeks. The room will be closed starting September 9th and opening back up September 23rd. Also in that time we will be celebrating our beautiful Caroline’s first birthday.

I hope you’ve had a great summer!

Make sure to book those appointments before school goes back!

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I can’t believe its almost half way through 2015! June is coming fast, and its a pretty exciting month for me.

My daughter is turning 6, which is crazy in itself. I can’t believe how much she has grown and into such an amazing person! I’ll be going out of town for a wedding June 10-15 (so the shop will be closed for that) and two weekends after, I will be getting hitched!  There’s also the last day of school for my daughter and mine and my brothers birthdays thrown into the month as well, so needless to say… Theres not going to be many openings in June to get your hair done!

Book your appointments now! Book ahead of time, or book in advance for July. I hope you all have a wonderful start to your summer!

Lets get ready for the heat.


(photo credit: Darling Magazine)

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Adding to: the room

london school of fashion1

the room: is wanting to lease a station out part time. $220/week.

Looking for a licensed cosmetologist who is interested or knowledgable in organic color.
At the room: we use Organic Colour Systems. There is a higher demand now for organic color. Its safe for pregnant women, and great for people with sensitivities. If you are interested in learning organic color, Organic Colour Systems has great resources for online training and certification.

I am looking for a hairdresser who has their own clientele, but interested in taking on new color clients.

Its a great warm space that you will have to yourself, for the intimate one on one experience your clients will love. Transition those clients to great looking, healthy hair with Organic Colour Systems!

Please email Leah at to set up an interview time.

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Important Notice Regarding Booking

Hello friends and beloved clients!

As many of you know, Leah was expecting her baby soon. She unfortunately experienced some complications and has delivered her baby girl sooner than expected. As you can imagine, she has her hands pretty full and is currently unable to see clients until further notice.

Everyone is doing well and Leah will reach out once she is able to do so. Thank you for your patience and understanding! Please check back for updates soon.


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Under Construction


Ann Rosener - Steady of eye and hand, women workers at the great Willow Run bomber plant are among those throughout the country who are relieving serious shortages of skilled workers by doing such semi-skilled jobs as the one shown here, Ford, 1942

Since finding out about the construction on the house, two weeks of being closed has now turned into a month.  I will now be needing to stay closed for the month of August. I hope, all my wonderful color clients, got in the salon to have your color retouched  prior to the construction.

The salon is officially closed now, but I am happy to make house calls if needed. You can email me at for a day/time that is best for you. I will be happy to accommodate you as best as I can with dry cuts, but unfortunately will not be able to do color. The Room will be opening up again the start of September. If any of you would like to book online in advance you are more than welcome.

Have a great rest of your summer! Thanks for your understanding again. It will be very exciting when this is all complete.

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It’s been a while..


I know it has been a bit of time since the last post on the blog (I’ve been pretty absent from all social media lately).

Life is constantly surprising us around here..

I recently found out we will be having another beautiful addition to our family! So I thought this would be a great time to talk about coloring hair when you’re pregnant. How important it is to be aware of the ingredients of things you are putting on, and in your body during this time. I have always thought it was kind of crazy that people would be surrounded by chemicals in a salon, let alone working in that all day, most days, when you are pregnant. I am so happy I use Organic Colour Systems hair color line for so many reasons, and now especially, because I can continue working throughout my pregnancy and not feel the effects of chemical color. OCS is bleach free and ammonia free hair color. There is no formaldehyde or formaldehyde derivatives, and it is packed with certified organic ingredients and plant extracts. You can visit their website and download a full list of their ingredients as well at

Don’t sacrifice your health and beauty or well being of that precious life growing inside of you.

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Styles for Miles

Chances are if you have ever wasted way too much time in a drugstore browsing through things that you don’t need but convince yourself you do because you are boooored, you’ve encountered the very disappointing, yet quite entertaining American hair style magazine.  For some reason, these haphazardly put-together, tabloid-style magazines feature the hottest styles from 1987 no matter what the year.  Some might actually have photos of mainstream celebrities (from two years ago), but the photos are often from an angle that makes it difficult for your stylist to decipher what kind of cut or color you are requesting.


So chic.










Since language is so fluid and open to interpretation, the best way to communicate what you want to your stylist is through a nice, clear photo.  Thank goodness for the internet and smartphones.  If you are in the U.S., you are no longer stuck looking at the sad drugstore magazines and big, outdated books in the waiting room of a salon to find inspiration and a picture to show your stylist.  While we can’t even begin to cover all of the inspiration available on the internet, here are some sources that we’ve tapped into.

For those looking for a variety of hair inspiration, Pinterest is a great, widely used resource (especially for bridal hair and braided styles), with plenty of images accompanied by step-by-step tutorials to be found.

For creative, forward-thinking ideas, a fun way to kill some time somewhere other than Walgreens is’s beauty section, with features like “backstage confidential,” focusing on recent runway looks, and one of my favorites, “beauty icon,” which highlights a variety of beautiful and interesting women of the past with gorgeous photos.  Further, stylist Sam McKnight has created a really cool feature on his site called Get The Look that gives instructions on how to recreate his editorial and runway looks (not to be missed!).

If you still love print like I do, regular fashion magazines work, but the cream of the crop is truly the Japanese hair/style magazine, which you may have spotted in the room.  The Japanese hair books and magazines show cuts, colors, and styles of every kind for both men and women, many offering creative ideas that haven’t even hit the US quite yet, and from multiple angles so your stylist can truly understand what you are trying to achieve (they are so thorough in the tutorials that translation isn’t even really needed).  As a bonus, they often include street style pics from Tokyo, London, and Paris.  We purchased ours at Kinokuniya Bookstore in San Francisco (there are also many stores selling Japanese magazines in LA), but if you don’t have any California connections or a Japanese bookstore in your area, some of the tutorials do find their way onto pinterest.  Japanese clothing company, Uniqlo, also has a pretty cute, hairdo how-to section on their site.

Finally, if you’re a beauty addict, vegging out, and reeeally feeling into an internet spiral, check out the Korean show “Get it Beauty,” posted on youtube with English subtitles here.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you . . .

Happy style hunting!

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Tousle in Paris

After watching the very beautiful (warning:  also very long) movie Blue is the Warmest Color (La Vie d’Adèle in France), I was struck by the effortlessly cool style of the characters and once again, in awe of the style and beauty of French women in general.  While there always seems to be a current bestselling book and a million articles preaching the superiority of the French way of beauty, the authors often come across as elitist, condescending, and rife with stereotypes – after all, there are so many cultures of beauty around the world and I’m keen to borrow inspiration from all of them.  With that said, I can’t help but admit my obvious francophilia and admire some of the basic tenets of French style that I’ve observed from near and far:  the focus on skincare and prevention rather than heavy makeup and excessive adornment, an edited wardrobe of classic, high quality staples with just a few trendy pieces, and last, but not least, the hair – the non-fussy, perfectly tousled hair, which is an art in itself.

Check out the film (with fellow adults, probably not your parents), take a look at the French beauties below, feel inspired, and don’t worry one bit about letting that wind mess up your hair.


Adele from Blue is the Warmest Color. You can’t go wrong with a deep, side hair flip.

Behold the best strawberry blonde hair on "it girl" Josephine de la Baume.

Behold the best strawberry blonde hair on “it girl” Josephine de la Baume.


Cool girl and daughter of Jane Birkin, Lou Doillon.


Actress Roxane Mesquida looking mighty pretty.


A clean cut on Lea Seydoux, who plays Emma in Blue is the Warmest Color.


Clemence Poesy always has perfect bedhead.

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Now that the winter season has started, and our bodies are needing extra nourishment, Coconut oil is your best friend!

I have recently started once a week applying a scoop of coconut oil to my dry hair and letting it sit for at least a half an hour. Getting the things done around the house I need and not being bothered by spending a lot of time preparing a deep conditioning treatment. I would say its the easiest, at home conditioning treatment you can do! Just apply to coconut oil and comb it through the hair so it’s evenly distributed. Put it up, or under a shower cap. When you’re ready to wash, just shampoo and condition as normal and your hair will feel great for the week.

Also, use it as a body moisturizer. Applying a small amount to your body after a shower, leaves you feeling soft and smelling good. It’s great as a makeup remover ( a little too heavy for a face moisturizer. I like to use Jojoba Oil for that) and a lip gloss.

It’s one of the main ingredients in home-made natural deodorants, like my good ol’ friend Ali Copeland’s recipe for her natural deodorant: deode.

For more ideas of what you can do with coconut oil, there’s a great page I found

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November 27, 2013 · 2:15 pm

Beautiful women and the men that accompany them..

Anna Karina and Jean-Paul Belmondo in Pierrot Le Fou

Anna Karina and Jean-Paul Belmondo in Pierrot Le Fou

Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin

Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin

Roger Vadim and Bridget Bardot

Roger Vadim and Bridget Bardot

Nathalie and Alain Delon

Nathalie and Alain Delon

Jacques Dutronc and Francoise Hardy

Jacques Dutronc and Francoise Hardy

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October 19, 2013 · 11:52 am